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The Best Way to Start Losing Weight Today

Nydia Ramos

Losing weight can sometimes be difficult and the worst part about it is that you have no idea why you're gaining weight or why you can't seem to lose any unwanted weight.

Losing weight can be a challenge if you do not know what you're doing, so I am here to explain three important factors to start loosing weight today! 

For years I have been struggling to maintain my weight. My weight would go up and down all the time. 

I think it was because I really didn't know much about fitness and nutrition. 

So I started researching online and going to different gyms to find on that worked for me. 

During my research I found that It really is just two really important factors that are in total control of your weight. 

The best way to always start loosing weight comes down to three important factors. 

The best way to losing weight comes down to three really important factors. 

Those Three  important factors are: 

1. Movement 

2. Nutrition

3. Mind Motivation  

Yup, thats right! Seems too good to be true that's all you need to worry about, but let me explain how.

Also, how my focus on these exact two things helped me lose weight, gain confidence, and feel healthier than ever before. 

So let't talk about movement. 

MOVEMENT: Moving your body physically for 30 minutes a day minimum. 

That is my definition of movement. You need to get your butt out of bed, even if it's a hard rough day. 

Start walking around your neighborhood for 30 min a day ! This is all you need to do to start!!!! Super easy, right! 

Some of us might fight me and say, "but I am so busy and tired after work that I don't have 30 min to go walking!"

Well, that brings in why MIND MOTIVATION is also an important factor. 

You have to get out of you MIND that you have no time, because you know that you can organize the 24 hours you have a day to find an extra 30 min. 

If you watch any type of TV shows then replace that with walking just 30 min a day !

You will be amazed with the results if you are consistent. 

Now that you understand that it takes just 30 min a day to change your body and whole life, lets move on to the most important factor when it comes to loosing weight. 

Many of you thought I was going to say working out or fitness, but that's important factor #4. 

It's more important for your body to just keep moving if fitness or gym are not options for you due to medical issues or other factors. 

Now let's talk about food and nutrition...

NUTRITION: The yummy goodness that we eat that gives us strength and protein to keep living a healthy life. 

Yes, food is everywhere you look and many people know how to eat. 

Unfortunately, not everyone understands how nutrition works with our bodies even though they eat every day. These people do not understand the nutritional values and what they mean to our bodies. 



We are all familiar with this chart, but not all of us understand what it means. 

They human body should have about 2000 calories a day, but those calories are not all the same. 

Have you heard the saying, " You are what you eat" ? 

That could not be more true. 

If you eat 3 beef hamburgers a day, no veggies and little water, what do think will happen to your body. 

Well, 3 burgers a day means high sodium, high cholesterol, and high sugars due to praservatives from the companies selling you this meat. 

Also, how do you know how this animal you're eating was raised? 

Most of these animals come from over crowded meat farms where they are just bread for eating. 

These animals are not properly cared for and live in their own feces. 

They catch diseases from bad living conditions. 


They are sent to be butchered for your enjoyment. Who knows what bacteria that meat you eating may have. 

Well, let's change the scenario..

What if you ate just fruits, veggies, and soy protein? 

How do you think our body will react?

With joy! Thats how, because fruits and vegetables contain NATURAL vitamins and minerals that even meat doesn't have. 

All veggies need water to grow, sunlight and nutrients.

When you eat veggies, you eat water and vitamins. 

So what I mean by all this is that you have to watch what you eat. You have to break your bad eating habits before the doctor tells you it's too late. 

Change your life before you get a heart attack from fat surrounding your heart. 

Make sure you walk 30 min a day, know and understand the root foundation of all your food, and maintain a positive mind everyday to help pushing you towards victory. 

Check out Brace Yours-elf to get started on your fitness journey. 

Brace Your-self has all the gear your would need to start. 

If you need personal help, visit our contact page and describe how you need help and let's get started. 


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