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The Hottest New Trend is Saving The Planet with Portable Water Bottles.

Nydia Ramos

We are know that the Earth is going through some climate changes and we need to do every thing we can to help. A great way to help is using less plastic or no plastic at all. 

Using plastic is not in anymore as it is a cause of grand pollution and heating up our oceans as the trash continues to pile on. 

A Way We Can All Help The Environment Is By Not Using Any Single Use Plastic. Try and use plastic only if you are going to use multiple times. 


Here are our Top favorite water bottles that are trendy, portable, colorful, and have thermal insulation for temperature control. 



1. Crystal Water Bottle With Gem Stone Healing Properties

This Crystal Water Bottle comes with a unique healing crystal in each selected water bottle. 

Why You Need It:
-Its energy is emitted from the top tip straightly,called “generator”,if its weight is enough,will be emitted continuously ,forming a strong energy field from the center point,like a swirl, is the best house treasure,help people improve the spirituality;

-White crystal point is called “vacuum cleaner”,can absorb the disease, dirty gas, evil spirits;
-Can be used to set up a seven-star array,is good for meditation and visualization;

-Its powerful energy gathers at the top, is the best tool for healing and adjusting the body and spirit;

-Can play a role on degassing, reducing radiation of home appliance effectively;

-Can balance your body and mind, adjust your emotions, help to concentrate spirit.



2. Portable Marble Insulated Water Bottle Stainless Steel Thermos for Travel & Sports

This water bottle is saving the plant with its multi-use super powers. You can wash it and use it over and over and over. My hero! 

Also with super cute marble design, trendy fashion statement. 

Thermal insulated marble print water bottle for on the go, travel, gym and sports.  

Get yours now before supplies last ! On Sale ! 



3. Flower Design Thermal Insulated Water Bottle 

These stainless steel thermal insulated water bottles are the best ! Made out of high quality durable material to last you a very long time.

Light-weight for travel and sports. 

Eco- Friendly and reusable, unlike plastic bottles. With these water bottles you are saving the planet one drink at a time. 

Great for hot or cold beverages and keeps them colder or hotter 70% more than a regular water bottle due to the thermal insulation.

Leak-proof twist off cap. BPA free, no harmful chemicals. Able to fit 17oz / 500ml of liquid. 

Amazing floral and tropical designs you don't see in regular stores. Super Cute! 





4.  Vacuum Stainless Steel Thermal Insulated Water Bottle for Sports & Travel

Our amazing stainless steel water bottles are leak proof and BPA free!

Saving the planet one reusable water bottle at a time. Great for both hot and cold drinks and will keep them warm or cool. 

Our water bottles are double-walled and vacuum sealed with an inner copper lining increasing thermal insulation so beverages stay hotter or colder longer.

Keep your drink cold for at least 18 hours or hot for at least 10 hours while the exterior of the bottle remains thermally unaffected

Available to hold 500ml of liquid. Fits in traditional sized cup holders. 



Any of these 4 water bottles will save the planet one drink at a time. Way better than traditional water bottles and super cute and fashionable to make everyone jealous! 

Get yours today ! 

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