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About Us

Brace Yours-elf started in 2003 after I suffered days with excruciating upper back pain. Growing up as a young student- athlete playing soccer for 20 years straight does things to the body as you get older.

After college soccer, it was time to work full time and earn a living. Jumping from job to job, it was hard to find my niche, but I had to pay the bills. I really started to notice my upper back pain when I started bartending.

Bartending may seem easy, but you forget that you are standing for 6-8 hours straight with two 15 minute breaks in between. Standing that long, working full time started to strain my upper back.

From then on I knew I would get upper back pain every time I went in to work, it was horrible knowing that the pain was coming. I could not request to sit and bartend because that wasn't a thing and they would probably fire me. So every night I sucked up the pain on my back and worked  in agony. 

I knew I had to do something about my problem, but I was not sure where to start. My friend suggested I start back at the gym and I agreed. 

I began going to the gym and that is where I noticed other active and in-shape people wearing back braces. 

I thought to myself, " These people look great! Why are they wearing back braces?" So I began to research. 

What I found was fascinating and I wanted to share my story with others in hopes that my findings would also bring you and your loved ones the joy of pain relief. 
Braces were used long before out time in the 1800's, mainly by women , but we called them corsets.

Since they were super tight on the body it also helped both men and women with correcting their posture. Men started to use them less because they were seen as a feminine object.  

I searched all the different types of back braces, because they are not all equal. I was looking for a back brace to specifically help me with my upper left  back shoulder pain. That is when I came across Royal Pose Back Posture Corrector for men and women. 

This product began my journey of finding the best braces for all parts of the body that may need support. 

After I ordered it online, I tried it on right away as it slipped on like a back pack. I was able to adjust the straps to my ideal fit and I decided to time my wear for 2 hours for 3 days a week. 

Everyday I logged the record of how I felt after my 2 hour wear. 

At first, it felt weird to be wearing and sorta uncomfortable because my body was not accustomed to good posture. It was a feeling I had to get use to again, but the straps and the material of the braced helped so much. 

After the first week, my body began to get accustomed to the brace. I only wore it for at least one hour a day while I was at home doing chores or laundry. 

A week went by, my back felt great! I still wore it once a day for a hour but I could not believe the difference with little support. 

I started to naturally sit tall and the soreness ache in my back was minimal to none, especially when I wore the brace. 

I began to research all kinds of braces and began this page in hope that you will use braces for life changing health purposes. 

It's not just a back ache when it it everyday, that's torture. 

Everything in this site is some form of physical support brace or stretching /strengthening tool to help you recover from your injuries or/and strengthen your muscles from all areas of the body.